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GranuFlo is a dry acid concentrate widely used in kidney dialysis procedures. Although dialysis is a necessary, life-sustaining therapy for many people with kidney disease, GranuFlo has recently been linked to serious heart problems. Sadly, this concentrate can significantly increase a person’s risk of heart problems. In fact, over 940 individuals experienced cardiac arrest due to taking GranuFlo in 2010 alone. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a Class 1 recall of the product, the most serious type of recall in the FDA’s system.

If you have experienced stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, or other health problems as a result of using GranuFlo, you may be entitled to compensation to help pay for your subsequent damages. Contact the GranuFlo lawyers of Williams Kherkher today at 800-641-9810 to speak with a qualified member of our legal team about your case and to learn more about how we can help you seek the justice you deserve.

About GranuFlo

GranuFlo is intended to remove harmful substances from the bloodstreams of patients whose kidneys can no longer perform this important function. Unfortunately, despite the dangers of toxins in the bloodstream, GranuFlo itself can be even more damaging, potentially causing heart attack, stroke, and sudden death.

At Williams Kherkher, we understand how confusing and frustrating it can be to deal with the repercussions of a dangerous medication. Therefore, we have created the following resources to help people in this difficult situation better understand their options:

Victims of GranuFlo and their families should not hesitate to contact a dedicated GranuFlo lawyer today to for more information about their legal rights.

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No one should have to cope with the consequences of a harmful medical product on their own. At Williams Kherkher, our GranuFlo attorneys are prepared to help you get the compensation you need during this difficult time. Contact our offices today at 800-641-9810 to discuss the details of your case with an experienced, compassionate legal professional.

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